1. Can I hire you for just video? Yes, video only or photo only packages are available, however, they will not include a discount.

2. How long is my dvd/bluray? I strive to capture all your important and beautiful moments of your event. When I edit and author your disc, I include the following: *One short 3-5min highlight video posted on jmzfilms.com
**One extended highlight between 10-25min in length (extended highlight will include clips of the entire day, from beginning to end with background music).
Full ceremony footage
Reception footage including: Intro, First Dance
Father/daughter dance
Surprise dance (if any)
Garter/Bouquet Toss
Toast, Cake Cutting,
Money Dance (if any)
and guest dancing (available
upon request).

*Web highlight video is only included in the full day package.
**Package C) extended highlight of 10min
B) extended highlight of 15min
A) extended highlight of 20-25min in length

3. How much of a retainer fee/deposit is required? I require 25% of the full package price as the retainer fee while the balance is due two weeks prior to your wedding/quinceanera day.  You may make payments of the balance due up until the two weeks before your event.

4.  Could you travel and film my event even though I live outside Bakersfield, Ca?  Yes, of course JMZ Films can cover your event even if you live outside Kern County.  However, events outside of Kern County are subject to a travel fee.  Contact us for more information.

5.  How long before I receive my dvds/blurays?  Your film package will be completed and delivered 30 business days (approx. 6-8 weeks)after your event.  Depending on the season, you may receive your package in 3 weeks.

6.  Who films and edits the footage?   I, Jorge Martinez, will film and edit your footage.  I do not send anyone else to film.  You can rest assured knowing that your film will be captured and edited by a professional….me! :)

7.  Who picks the songs for the highlight and extended highlight?   I will add the main song for the web highlight and you, the client, can pick and choose the songs for the extended highlight.  All the songs in each and every web highlight video on this site, were chosen by jmzfilms.  You can always allow jmzfilms to pick all the songs but you definitely have the option to choose your own special songs for the extended highlight.

8.  Will my film have a different color or ‘look’ other than the original natural colors?  You may have watched other wedding or quinceanera videos and in many cases, the original video is color graded to give it a “film look” but can hurt the footage by washing out the colors.  JMZ Films does not color grade your video.  JMZ Films believes in keeping the true, natural colors that the cameras capture.

9.  Why should I choose JMZ Films?  I always encourage you to shop around for videography and photography.  It’s important to choose the best but also choose a package that is within your budget.  JMZ Films believes it can deliver the best bang for your dollar.   Unlike other videographers/photographers that have packages beginning at over $2000, (only for photography; video is seperate) JMZ Films will film and photograph your event at a very competitive rate.

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